Ursula Müller schreibt zu ihrem Projekt: In TESTIMONI ZEUGEN TESTIGOS  I deal with space and time, lived history and its layers. The starting point is the house of my childhood - the centre of life for generations for over 100 years - to which I return after 40 years, before its demolition. - The plants surrounding the house grow and overgrow, hide and open spaces of memory, become silent witnesses of their time. They connect stories and things through the decades as people come and go. Their ramifications reach far, as far as Italy and Spain. Plants collected on site, dried and photographed in further processes, become bearers of memory - and an archive that can be accessed from now on.

Group exhibition: 3 September - 25 September 2022

Ursula Müller: Testimoni Zeugen Testigos

Simon von Gunten: I am Father (working title)

Urs Amiet: 30 seconds

Opening: Saturday, 3 September 2022, 5pm

Introduction: Stephan Wittmer, artist, curator, editor _957, lecturer 

Artist talk: Thursday, 8 September, 7 pm / Moderation:

Stephan Wittmer

Bestellung _957 #140